Since graduating with her photography degree in 1992 at the prestigious RMIT, Melissa's photographic journey has taken her to many places, festivals, aerial performances, corporate and agricultural projects - with many other personal stories and travels captured in between.

Her images are rich with texture, colour and emotion - each one revealing the real essence of the environment and subject. She has a natural ability to see the beauty in people, the fullness of life.

Drought affected lake beds, cropping lands and expansive dry spaces are transformed to seemingly three dimensional artworks. Her creative use of colour, light and contrast lead to images evoking a total sensory response. As the viewer you can easily imagine yourself in each shot - feeling the texture, breathing the air and connecting to the people and landscape.

Drawn to wide open spaces and unique landscapes, Melissa made a ‘rock change’ in 2000 She is now based in the quirky farming, rock climbing and creative community of Natimuk at the foot of Mount Arapiles, just outside of the Wimmera's capital, Horsham.

Melissa now enjoys the challenge of freelancing across the Wimmera Mallee for a loyal list of local, national and international clients.