Of Remnant Tracts- Anita Traverso Gallery 29th October -23rd November

I'm so excited to be exhibiting with my old friend and colleague Ewen Ross at Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond. We both take an aerial perspective in our art work, he does this amazing etching/burning/painting thing and me, obviously with photographs. I think it's a match made in heaven and Anita's pretty excited about it too!

29th October 2013

Anita Traverso Gallery representation

I'm excited to say that I'm now represented by the fabulous Anita Traverso Gallery in Albert St Richmond. Looking forward to our future shows Anita and crew!

25th October 2013

Welcome to Natimuk

Not sure how I managed to fit this one into an otherwise busy workload, but the Small Towns Transformation crew in Natimuk approached me to photograph a series of black and white portraits of our local people here in Natimuk (along the lines of The Letterboxes installation that I did back in 2005 for the Nati Frinj.) This time, 18 portraits were printed on banners hung in the main street, ready for 2013 Nati Frinj, and were electronically coded so the subjects themselves could give a welcome message to visitors and a short explanation of what they love about living in Natimuk. It's a beautiful project that we're only halfway through, with the other half of the images and recordings to be completed early in 2014, which will allow us to rotate the banners every now and then to keep them looking fresh. You can find a link to the project from the main menu on the website.

20th October 2013

International Photography Awards 2013

You little rippa! I received 6 honorable mention awards in the International Photography Awards (run from New York) this year!! It's the bees knees of comps for photographers and it still spins me out when I receive something! A few were from my last exhibition, but most are from my new exhibition going up in late October at Anita Traverso Gallery in Albert St, Richmond

20th Sept 2013

Seeking Refuge in Nhill hits Melbourne

Who would have thought that what started out as a small local project could gain so much attention! The images and stories have been on show at the Immigration Musum in Melbourne for only two weeks and already it's had a spot on channel ten news, and this week will feature on Win News and in the Leader newspaper in Melbourne. A big thanks to the Immigration Museum for all this attention!

31st July 2013

2013 Outback Art Prize shortlisted again

I've been shortlisted in the prestigious Outback Art Prize again this year, for the fourth time running, cross your fingers again for me folks!

20th June 2013

Aerial art goes even further afield

Exciting to report that my art prints are selling further offshore lately, to the USA and the UK. In addition to those that sold at Yering Station to France and Singapore. It blows my mind to think of my artwork so far away on people's walls!

15th June 2013

Seeking Refuge in Nhill- ABC Open

A big thanks to abc for running these stories about the gentle Karen people in Nhill. https://open.abc.net.au/openregions/vic-wimmera-86ow2sq/posts/karen-refugee-stories-from-nhill-04un2wc

It's been pretty amazing to be involved in documenting their stories, and a big thanks to Katherine Colbert for puttiing their amazing stories into words!

28th March 2013

Seeking Refuge in Nhill Exhibition-Vic Immigration Museum July- Sept 2013

What a privilege to be asked to do a photodocumentary project about the Karen refugees now living in Nhill, the images, stories and video will form a travelling exhibition, finishing up at the Immigration Museum. At the very first opening night in Nhill, we were really lucky to have Chris from the Age come up and cover the story of the Karen.


22nd March 2013

Artblart Review 13th February 2013

My first art review, and from the amazing artblart no less!

My favourite quote-'What Powell evidences in her photographs is a wonderfully strong aesthetic producing some of the best aerial photography I have ever seen.' http://artblart.com/2013/02/13/review-vestige-ii-melissa-powell-and-darkness-by-day-shannon-mcgrath-ay-shannon-mcgrath-at-anita-traverso-gallery-melbourne/

13th February 2013

Vestige 2, 5 - 23rd February

Anita Traverso Gallery, Albert St Richmond

I'm honoured that Anita approached me to exhibit in her gallery, her gallery has a fabulous reputation and is in a prime arts strip in Richmond. Am looking forward to our future working relationship together!

5th February 2013

Skater; Wimmera Parklife 15th Feb - 14th April

Horsham Regional Art Gallery

What fun it's been running masterclasses for local youth at the Horsham skate park, and really looking forward to what these kids can come up with for the exhibition in Feb! I also admire their tenacity to keep on skatin' on these incredibly hot days!

15th January 2013

Australian Art Review January 2013

I got a small mention and some aerial photos in Australian Art Review, in the context of a story about the Horsham Regional Art Gallery, and my favourite artist Ewen Ross was right there beside me!

10th January 2013

Vestige, 12 October - 9 December 2012

Horsham Regional Art Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Natimuk based photographer Melissa Powell in a public institution. Powell has been documenting the seasonal changes of the Wimmera environment through her practice of aerial photography. These works evocatively displayour interaction and mark on the landscape. Illustrating patterns of use from years past sitting just below today's. This exhibition will survey recent bodies of work, Grounded, Flooded, Dry and will include a new body of work that responds to and expands Powell's practice beyond the Wimmera.

4th October 2012

Aerial art in Belgian Book 'Les Belges du Bout du Monde'

'The Belgians at the End of the World' is the nearest translation. Brigitte Muir, a friend and fellow Natimukian, and also the 1st Australian woman to climb Everest, emigrated to Australia many years ago. She approached me for an iconic image that would run alongside her story and sum up the beauty of where we live.

5th September 2012

Royal Flying Doctors Fundraising Calendar 2013

Several of my aerial images will be in next year's RFDS calendar, alongside my utter hero Richard Woldendorp, am wrapped.

30th August 2012

I've been shortlisted in the prestigious Outback Art Prize again this year, for the third time running, cross your fingers again for me folks!

18th June 2012

Another big thank you to the Rural Women's Network Magasine for featuring myself and my aerial images in their 'Local Heroes' edition of the magasine. So lovely to be asked to be a part of the magasine, especially since I've been reading it for years! Here's the link to the mag, it's a great read girls!


1st June 2012

A big thank you to ABC Open and their multimedia article about me and my aerial photographs. Here's the link http://open.abc.net.au/posts/aerial-photographer-melissa-powell-92qa0gw/in/tags/melissa+powell

28th June 2012

Exciting news- I won the aerial section of the International Photography Awards (run from New York), and received an honorable mention in the fine art abstract and another one in the fine art landscape categories. Am still picking myself up off the floor! Check out the International Award Win heading on my website for the winningb series of images

Thanks IPA, you've made my year!

Mon 29th August 2011

Fabulous news! I'm shortlisted for the Outback Art Prize again this year, run by the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for the work Thirsty Land No.2 from my recent Flooded exhibition. Last year I received a highly commended for one of my works and was in the top 7 finalists, so striving for a bit higher this year! Cross your fingers and toes for me folks!

On tenderhooks meanwhile..

Fri 24th July 2011

Excited about the new show opening this Thursday called 'Flooded' this time (a follow on from Grounded last year). More abstract aerial images of the Wimmera with a very wet twist. Come see the moment in time when the Wimmera went from drought to flood, from the air. These images only come once in twelve years! Thurs 7th April opening 6.30pm at the Goat Gallery in Natimuk, open weekends and easter 2-5pm. Come say hello, and save me from having to sit still for three hours at a time in a white room.

See you there

Mon 4th April 2011

Am honoured to be involved in the somewhat timely group exhibition at the New North Gallery in Fairfield titled 'Water'. Open 6-26th Feb. Proud to be part of the fundraiser for flood victims, given that some of them were mates! Also proud to have my name listed with some great name photographers and look forward to meeting them.

Thanks New North

Sat 5th Feb 2011

I've been invited to be part of a women photographers group show at the New North Gallery in Melbourne in 2011. How wonderful, I love the support that women share with each other. And it's such a fabulous gallery, dedicated solely to photography. You can view 3 of my smaller works from the Grounded series there currently until Nov 27th 2010.

Having a great year, Melissa

Thurs 18th Nov 2010

Five images from the Grounded series received an honourable mention in the International Photography Awards, run from New York encompassing all the world's big name photographers. What an honour and surprise to be amongst them!

With gratitude, Melissa

Wed 15th Aug 2010

Four images from the Grounded series were shortlisted in the Brunswick St Gallery 'Picture This' competition, resulting in an invite to exhibit at BSG in 2011.

Thanks a heap BSG, Melissa

Wed 17th Aug 2010

The image 'Tracks' was awarded a 'highly commended' in the 2010 Outback Art Prize and was among the top 7 finalists.

Feeling honoured, Melissa

Wed 4th Aug 2010

The image 'Tracks' from my recent Grounded exhibition was shortlisted in the prestigious 2010 Outback Art Prize. Wish me luck.

Much love, Melissa

Sat 9th July 2010

I've had a fabulous response to the Age article today about my Grounded exhibition opening in a couple of hours, with several prints being sold already. They are limited editions of 18.


Thanks everyone for your support!

Much love, Melissa

Sat 1st May 2010